Red Barn Beef Stew Large 5.5oz

Red Barn Chicken Stew Large 5.5oz

Red Barn Salmon Stew Large 5.5oz (Expiry Dec-19)

Red Barn Skin Coat Lamb Cat Pate 5.5oz (105C55)

RedBarn Chicken Immune Dog Pate 13oz.

RedBarn Chicken Pate Joint Dog Pate 13oz.

RedBarn Duck Turkey High Protein Dog Pate 13oz.

RedBarn Lamb Pate Skin Coat Dog Pate 13oz.

RedBarn Turkey Pate Healthy Digestion Dog Pate 13oz.

8in1 Adult Cat Land Collection 12pcsx100g multipack (Expiry Aug-19)

8in1 Adult Cat with Delicious Turkey 100g X 24 Pieces (Expiry Jun-19)

8in1 Adult Cat with Mouth-Watering Salmon 100g X 24 Pieces (Expiry Apr-19)

8in1 Adult Cat with Succulent Tuna 100g X 24 Pieces

8in1 Adult Cat with Tempting Chicken 100g X 24 PieceS (Expiry Apr-19)

8in1 Kitten & Junior with Tempting Chicken 24Pcsx100g

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