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COA CE01 Soft-E Smart Collar -size 1

COA CE02 Soft-E Smart Collar -size 2

COA CE03 Soft-E Smart Collar -size 3

COA CE04 Soft-E Smart Collar -size 4

COA CLB1CLIX 3 in 1 Slip Lead Brown Small 1.2m

COA CLB2 CLIX 3 in 1 Slip Lead Brown Large 1.7m

COA CLG1 CLIX 3 in 1 Slip Lead Green Small 1.2m

COA CLG2 CLIX 3 in 1 Slip Lead Green Large 1.7m

COA CLN1 CLIX 3 in 1 Slip Lead Black Small 1.2m

COA CS04 Smart Collar -size 4 (neck 16-22 and 40-56cm)

COA CS05 Smart Collar -size 5 (neck 22-26 and 56-66cm)

COA CSOC Smart Collar -Cat

COA HA012 HALTI All-In-One Lead Black Small

COA HA014 HALTI All-In-One Lead Red Small

COA HA016 HALTI All-In-One Lead Blue Small

COA HA032 HALTI All-In-One Lead Black Large

COA HA034 HALTI All-In-One Lead Red Large

COA HA036 HALTI All-In-One Lead Blue Large

COA HC002 HALTI Collar Black X-Small

COA HC004 HALTI Collar Red X-Small

COA HC006 HALTI Collar Blue X-Small

COA HC014 HALTI Collar Red Small

COA HC022 HALTI Collar Black Medium

COA HC024 HALTI Collar Red Medium

COA HC032 HALTI Collar Black Large

COA HC034 HALTI Collar Red Large

COA HH022 Head Collar Black- size2

COA HH032 Head Collar Black- size3

COA HH042 Head Collar Black- size4

COA HH052 Head Collar Black- size5

COA HL012 HALTI Lead Black Small

COA HL014 HALTI Lead Red Small

COA HL016 HALTI Lead Blue Small

COA HL032 HALTI Lead Black Large

COA HL034 HALTI Lead Red Large

COA HL036 HALTI Lead Blue Large

COA HO01 HALTI Optifit Head Collar Small

COA HO02 HALTI Optifit Head Collar Medium

COA HO03 HALTI Optifit Head Collar Large

COA HR012 HALTI Retractable Lead Black Small

COA HR014 HALTI Retractable Lead Red Small

COA HR022 HALTI Retractable Lead Black Medium

COA HR024 HALTI Retractable Lead Red Medium

COA HR032 HALTI Retractable Lead Black Large

COA HR034 HALTI Retractable Lead Red Large

COA HR036 HALTI Retractable Lead Blue Large

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