SmartyKat® Super Scratcher Tower™ Corrugate Cat Scratching Post - (PACK OF 3)

Four Paws Sisal & Carpet Cat Scratcher, 20" 20" inches

SmartyKat® Scratch Up™ Hanging Single Corrugate Cat Scratcher with Catnip - (PACK OF 3)

SmartyKat® Super Scratcher X™ Corrugate Cat Scratcher Hammock and Bed - (PACK OF 3)

SmartyKat Sea Column - (PACK OF 3)

SmartyKat® Tweet Tower™ Jute Rope Cat Scratcher Post with Electronic Sound - (PACK OF 3)

SmartyKat® Clever Claws™ Triple Panel Folded Hanging Cat Scratch Mat - (PACK OF 3)

SmartyKat® Scratch Scroll™ Curred Cat Scratcher - (PACK OF 3)

SmartyKat® Triple Tower™ Carpeted Cat Scratch Post - (PACK OF 3)

SmartyKat® Sisal Angle™ Ramp Cat Scratcher with Catnip - (PACK OF 3)

Four Paws Sisal/Carpet Cat Scratcher 21" inches

Pet Stages Mix Scr Chaser (PACK OF 3)

Pet Stages Mix Scr Wavy Crrgate w Brush (PACK OF 3)

Pet Stages Scratch Hunt Cheese Wedge (PACK OF 3)

Pet Stages Sisal Fish Kicker(PACK OF 3)

Pet Stages Cat Hideout (PACK OF 3)

Pet Stages Mix Scr Channel Scratcher (PACK OF 3)

Petstages Catnip Refresh Chamber (PACK OF 3)

Four Paws Super Catnip Scratching Perch

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